“In a climate of divisiveness and hatred, it is clear that we need leadership that is empathic and caring. We need someone that we can call on and count on to do the right thing with integrity. And that’s why I am fully endorsing my dear friend, my mentor, my colleague, Nrinder Nann, to be the next Ward 3 City Councillor.”

First Place resident and long-time advocate for seniors, Louanne McClemont, says, "I feel strongly that Nrinder will represent our residents with pride and passion and that she'll make herself available to meet the needs of all our residents."

I'm so humbled to have the endorsement of Hamilton Centre MP and all around incredible Hamiltonian, David Christopherson. "I know the kind of struggles that people are facing, and I know the kind of representative they're looking for is exactly what we've got with Nrinder."
So thrilled to have the endorsement of Jesslyn Collins, owner of Vintage Coffee Roasters on King St. E @ Barnesdale. As a successful Ward 3 small business owner, Jess understands the need for better communication from the City, and more streamlined processes for opening and running a business.
Very thankful to have the endorsement of James Novak, former president of the tenants' association at 30 Sanford and also long-time community advocate, thinker and leader. "We believe that Nrinder will bring what we want at City Hall, and that's a councillor that listens and works on our behalf."
"I'm a North End resident. Nrinder really has the ability to listen, sympathize and empathize with the issues we struggle with. When I talk to Nrinder about these things, I feel like I get some hope back. There's hope that we do have a voice, that we do matter in our ward just as much as everyone else does."

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