Nrinder Nann for Ward 3

Our Values


My campaign values are: Respect. Engage. Empower.
These values guide everything we do.

I will respect your ideas and your lived experience.

I will engage with you at every opportunity.

And I will use my office to empower our communities to bring about real, tangible, positive change.


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Our Plan


We have had hundreds of conversations with residents, community leaders and business owners, and knocked on thousands of doors.

This platform is the result of what we heard from residents like you: our collective concerns, hopes, dreams and ideas.


Our Four Priorities


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Community Safety

Safety is the number one issue we keep hearing on the doors. People are very concerned about speeding on Main, King, Cannon, Wilson and Barton as well as cut-through traffic on side streets. Everyone is affected by it, but children, seniors, cyclists, and people with mobility issues are particularly vulnerable.

People also feel unsafe in terms of their personal safety. We are hearing about a lot of petty theft, car break-ins, and backyard, porch and alley garage thefts.

What is Safety?

Safety is crossing our streets without fear of being hit by speeding traffic or being run over by giant trucks that shouldn’t be on our main streets.

Safety is discouraging cut-through traffic on residential side streets.

Safety is needle-free parks.

Safety is streets that are complete: designed to accommodate all uses from cycling, to walking, to mobility devices.

Safety is ensuring that our residential streets and back alleys are appropriately lit.

What I’ll do:

  • I will advocate for a ward and city-wide review of road design with an eye to finding systematic and consistent solutions to traffic calming

  • I will explore all traffic calming options including two-way conversion and speed humps

  • I will advocate for upgrading our road design with a mind to complete streets, cycling, walking and crossing safely

  • I’ll work together with residents to conduct neighbourhood safety audits

  • I’ll work with residents and staff to ensure residential streets, back alleys and parks are well lit

  • I will demand that the city install safe needle disposal boxes and also dedicate regular, trained staff to do needle clean-ups, especially in parks where children play

  • I will seriously explore safe injection sites as part of a solution to getting used needles out of our public spaces


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Affordable and Dignified Housing

Affordability isn’t just about displacement, but also relates to rising rents and buying costs. Compared to the city overall, there are more people in Ward 3 renting versus owning a home, according to a City of Hamilton Ward 3 profile. The proportion of homeowners and renters in Ward 3 who are spending more than 30 percent of their income on housing is also higher than the overall proportion in Hamilton. That was seven years ago - the housing crisis has not been resolved.

There is enough room for everyone in our ward, and I would like to spur investment into real housing solutions that address affordability for renters and first time owners with mixed income, low rise buildings that emphasis the “commons.”

What is Affordability?

Affordability is ensuring new developments contain affordable rental units.

Affordability is looking at innovative loan programs to spur creation of more low cost rentals.

Dignified housing is ensuring that rental buildings are safe, secure, pest-free and well maintained.

Dignified housing is cracking down on law-breaking, negligent landlords.

What I’ll do:

  • I will encourage tenants to organise and advocate for positive change, and help them pressure landlords to comply

  • I will crackdown on absent, negligent landlords and slumlords

  • I will explore small loans and grants programs for homeowners that create new affordable units

  • I will evaluate all new development proposals with an eye to adding more affordable rental units

  • I will work with residents to establish a continuum of housing, including cooperative housing, which is as diverse as the people of Ward 3.


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Healthy Neighbourhoods

It’s fair to say we’re all literally sick of opening our front doors and smelling strong industrial odours. While air quality is more complex than just industrial pollution, there is work we need to do to ensure that our industries obey laws and respect the residents of our ward.

I look at health in a holistic way. It’s not only about air and water quality. It’s also about green spaces, trees on residential streets, access to affordable, fresh produce and access to good, local jobs and employment opportunities.

What I’ll do:

  • I will fight for tougher enforcement of negligent polluters and work with Industry and residents to find real solutions to reducing foul odours and pollutants

  • I will advocate for lead pipe replacement to be accelerated, especially in schools

  • I will work with staff and regulators to get our composting facility working again, and the odour problem solved for good

  • I will advocate for the installation of city-wide multi-stream recycling receptacles on our streets and in our parks

  • I will push to increase the number of trees on our residential streets, especially in the north part of the ward

  • I will evaluate all new developments with an eye to adding more public green space, parkettes and dog parks

  • I will evaluate all new developments for their potential to create local jobs and also train and employ local youth

What are Healthy Neighbourhoods?

Healthy Neighbourhoods smell like fresh air.

Healthy Neighbourhoods have no lead in their drinking water.

Healthy Neighbourhoods have trees, parks and green spaces.

Healthy Neighbourhoods have grocery stores in walking distance from homes.

Healthy Neighbourhoods have good, local jobs.


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Reliable, Well-Connected Transit

Modern cities and cities designed for future generations need excellent, reliable and robust public transit. Hamilton’s bus system is a confusing, inefficient, unreliable patchwork - the result of decades of underfunding and complete lack of political will.

Ward 3 has one of highest proportions of workers using public transit for their daily commutes to and from work. We need to stay on track to focus on transit connectivity, allowing new transit solutions like LRT and robust cycling infrastructure to better connect Ward 3 with other parts of the core.

What I will do:

  • I will strongly advocate for the completion of the LRT plan. Enough is enough. We’ve come too far and taken too long

  • I will advocate that we immediately catch up to our funding commitments for the 10-year Transit Strategy

  • I will advocate that we phase out Area Rating and tier new money towards properly funding our transit system

  • I will fight for wage and benefit parity for transit workers, no matter who they are employed by

  • I will work with council, HSR and ATU to end the epidemic of canceled buses

  • I will work with residents and staff to ensure that our cycling network is consistent, thorough, safe, separated where possible, well signed and well designed

What is Reliable Transit?

Reliable Transit is well funded.

Reliable Transit is well staffed, by well-paid and well-treated employees.

Well-connected Transit is being able to cross the city quickly and easily.

Well-connected Transit is accommodating to mobility riders, cyclists, seniors and students.


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Our Vision for the Future

Ward 3 residents are tired of being treated as second-class citizens. We want the best of what Hamilton has to offer. And we want to transform our derelict industrial and civic spaces into new centres for public engagement and community. There are incredible assets in Ward 3 and residents deserve to use them.

Community Hubs
I would like to invest in community service hubs that allow for inter-divisional service delivery from libraries, schools and community centres. We have many opportunities in Ward 3 for adaptive reuse of former city properties. Community Hubs are a great way to consolidate needed services into neighbourhoods that lack easy access.

Industrial Campus
I’d like to see the creation of an Industrial Campus that is a leader in environmental standards and a responsible neighbour. We have so much under-utilized industrial area and I know we can work together to attract innovators, entrepreneurs and light manufacturing. We should also seriously take a look at Burlington St / Nikola Tesla Ave and find ways to modernize, beautify and better integrate this important corridor into our social and economic life here in Ward 3.

Children’s Museum
The Children’s Museum does play-based learning very well. It is important for children to have access to this, close to home. The Children’s Museum has potential and should expand - both physically and in terms of scope - to integrate history, nature, coding, science and technology. The Museum in Kitchener, Ontario, is a great example of a modern and engaging Children's Museum and it attracts visitors from around the region and the province.

I’d like to see us finish the Stadium District and implement the community’s request for soccer pitches and green space on the former Dom Glass lands. I’d also look at the possibility of adding some parking space. As we know, parking is always chaos during Ti-Cats games and special events. We need a longer term solution.

Green Spaces
And we always need more green spaces designed with children, families and seniors in mind. So when evaluating any new development proposals, we must always push for the inclusion of accessible parkettes, community gardens or other types of green space. We can also look at transforming vacant city properties into community green space and gardens where possible.

Attracting Grocery and Banking
We live in a desert for Grocery Stores, Banks and other types of services and retail. There is one single major bank branch, a couple of credit unions and two major grocery stores in the entire ward. Access to quality, affordable fresh produce is a major issue for the health of our residents, and is a huge factor in the affordability of everyday life. Together we can map out what retail services are lacking and come up with a plan to identify potential locations and then invite potential tenants to bring their services back to our ward.



I support LRT. I will advocate that we use this opportunity to hire and train local workers to build the system. And I will fight for wage and benefit parity, at a minimum, with existing HSR workers for any new transit workers. My preference is that HSR workers operate and maintain the new LRT system.

I steadfastly oppose the privatization of any city services. We already know that the public can do it better and cheaper than the private sector, who will demand a profit on the backs of workers, or at the expense of quality of service.

I support the phasing out of Area Rating in favour of a fair and consistent taxation across all of Hamilton. I support using new funds to properly fund our ailing transit system, improving our road design, address the affordable housing crisis and add more green space.

With LRT coming, development interest in Ward 3 is very high. So it is incredibly important that we take the opportunity to develop in a way that works for those who live, work and play here. As a community we deserve to set the bar for what we want, lest we be stuck with ugly, unaffordable condos and a lack of retail and business spaces.

My criteria for evaluating new development proposals:

  • I’ll be looking for “what’s in it for the community’?

  • Will this increase availability of affordable units?

  • Is it an opportunity to bring a needed service to the area?

  • Will it attract or create fair-wage and long-term jobs?

  • Will it create more retail or business opportunities?

  • Will it add green space for community use?

  • Is there an opportunity to train local youth and other under-employed people in the trades and get them on the job experience in construction?

  • Will it increase or decrease transit demand?

  • How will it affect traffic and parking in the area?

  • Will it be architecturally interesting or significant and help to beautify our neighbourhood?

In short - I will support and actively seek out good, sustainable development that meets immediate needs and invests in future generations to thrive in Ward 3.