This is a growing list of interviews and appearances that Nrinder has done during the campaign so far.

Ward 3 Candidate Debate

Various community associations of Ward 3 gathered to host a candidate debate on October 9. You can watch a recording of the livestream from The Public Record here.

Raise the Hammer

“As City Councilor, I would push for the creation of a six-year accessibility strategy, in line with the provincial mandate to create a fully accessible Ontario by 2025 and with attention paid to the next round of capital budget approvals, to ensure that no one in our city is left behind.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

The Hamilton Spectator

“I want to use my decades of leadership development work to bring up other leaders with me. I believe strongly that civic engagement is the key to a healthy community. When people feel engaged and inspired, they take care of each other and their surroundings. They get involved. And when neighbours come together, amazing things can and do happen.”

Read Nrinder’s candidate profile here.

Cycle Hamilton

“Liveable cities are transit and pedestrian-friendly cities. As the number of residents increases, we must prioritize modes of transportation that are both environmentally-friendly and safe. Protected bike lanes are a key part to making that happen, so that everyone feels safe to explore and commute in and around the city.”

Find Nrinder’s full response in row 41 here.