Nrinder Nann for Ward 3
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Who is Nrinder?


I’m running to be Councillor of Ward 3 because I believe in courageous politics. I believe in the power of engagement and when neighbours come together we can win needed change.

#OurWard3 is a dynamic place.

In our ward, we have an incredible sense of community and residents who are already involved in making our neighbourhoods better.

And, we are still facing huge challenges in affordable housing, safe streets, and robust transit.

On top of this, we face ongoing environmental challenges in air and water quality.

Over the course of this campaign, we aim to connect personally with as many residents as possible. To listen to your experiences. To empower our neighbours to rise up and be part of the process. To invite neighbours to work with us to achieve our hopes and dreams for a vibrant Ward 3 full of opportunities for us all.

I’m determined to build on the progress in OUR Ward 3.  Engage with the campaign and connect with me on Twitter and Facebook. I look forward to working with you to build YOUR Ward.

Until we get a chance to meet, here is a bit more information about me:

Relevant past experience:

  • I am the former Manager of Community Development for the City of Toronto

  • I managed a team of 17 community developers and a budget in the multi-millions

  • I have hands-on, direct and comprehensive experience working in municipal government

  • I have direct experience working with residents, businesses and developers to create Community Hubs, which bring much needed health and social services to under resourced communities

  • I managed Matthew Green’s municipal campaign

  • I have run a small business both from my home and through my work with the Kitchen Collective

  • I know how to navigate bureaucracy and get complex projects done

  • I also worked as the Director of Education for largest union local in North America with (at the time) 320,000 health care service members

  • I trained top leadership, designed and delivered curriculum to members

  • As an educator, I have learned how to listen and how to work through very difficult conversations to bring about consensus

  • I’m a mom AND a small business owner, so in short, I have no time to waste and I know how to get stuff done. I know how to organize an office, manage employees and ensure that details don’t get lost

Involvement in Ward 3

Over the past 7 years, I have been focused on living in this city, building relationships and contributing to building resident leaders while also tending to people’s well-being.

  • Supported efforts in my own neighbourhood to shut down a derelict slumlord building

  • Have participated in several park / escarpment clean ups

  • I’m a supporter of HARRRP and have attended several annual fundraisers

  • Led many Pay-What-You-Can yoga and meditation sessions at Breathing Space Yoga on Main St. East

  • Supported efforts of my neighbours to get street humps installed

  • Attended several early Sherman Hub planning meetings Supported LRT, which will benefit our Ward with infrastructure improvements and connectivity

  • Have run a small business both from my home and through my work with the Kitchen Collective

  • Have led many cooking classes (sliding scale) through the Kitchen Collective

  • Have been involved in advocating for better access to fresh produce and nutritious food across the city as a hands-on Board Member of the Mustard Seed Co-op, and educator and volunteer at the Hamilton Community Food Centre

  • Have led workshops on leadership and how to run campaigns with many Ward 3 residents in attendance

  • Often out enjoying our green spaces with my daughter and picking up garbage as we go

  • Regularly support small local Ward 3 businesses by choosing to shop / eat there